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Amateur Movies

If you're interested to see how regular folks get creative and make their own movies, search for amateur movies online. Amateur movies may give you ideas on how to make your own short or long films or even documentaries. You may also have a great time just watching some amateur movies.

What are amateur movies?

Amateur movies are films that are shot and produced by non-professional filmmakers. Amateur movies fall under different genres, which include comedy, romance, suspense or, at times, even action. Common subjects or topics in amateur films are prank shows, sports, magic tricks, film spoofs, music videos, sexual information and how-tos.

Who makes amateur movies?

Anyone who has a video camera may make amateur movies, but the people who commonly shoot amateur movies are film students, movie enthusiasts, teens, adults, and Internet-savvy individuals. These people make amateur movies as school requirements or as a form of entertainment, self-expression or self-marketing.

Who watches amateur movies?

People who have access to the Internet, a computer, a video camera, a television, or a DVD or CD player may watch amateur movies. While there is no specific time when you should watch amateur movies, you may do so during your pastime, breaks or just whenever you want to see new amateur movies.

Why should you watch amateur movies?

If you are a film student and would like to know more about amateur movies, you must watch such films to get information. Amateur movies may show you how people make use of their video cameras, edit clips or express themselves. Amateur movies may also show viewers what non-professional producers are interested in. Amateur movies may also provide inspiration and perspective when you are out of ideas for a particular creative project.

Where do you watch amateur movies?

You may watch amateur movies online where many non-professional movie makers post their creations. There are several popular websites where you can view amateur films; these websites provide various categories to organise the numerous clips people upload.

How are amateur movies made?

Previously, non-professional movie makers create amateur movies using eight millimeter or sixteen millimeter cameras. But because of the popularity of 3G phones and digital equipment, non-professional movie makers also use digital cameras or cellular phones with video functions. After shooting several clips, non-professional movie makers edit their works personally or pay for professional editing services to polish the clips.